18 January 2020
22 Jumada al-Ula 1441
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Al-Furqan's efforts continue in a number of fields to document the Islamic Heritage and to support the work of researchers and scholars, believing that the pursuit of knowledge, truth and learning must be beneficial to all humanity.

The Manuscript Centre's publications issued by the Foundation aim to contribute to the discipline of cataloguing and preservation of Islamic manuscripts, as well as to attest the magnitude and history of the Islamic heritage.


Research Articles and Studies in honour of Iraj Afshar

Edited by Ibrahim Chabbouh and François Déroche

The late Iraj Afshar was an erudite and illustrious scholar, gifted with encyclopaedic breadth of knowledge. His demise was a palpable loss to Islamic heritage scholarship. In recognition of his grand stature, Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation humbly dedicates this tribute in the form of an in-memoriam text, a publication serving . . .



Al-Maqrīzī and His Book Al-Mawāʿiẓ wal-Iʿtibār fī Dhikr al-Khiṭaṭ wal-Athār

By Ayman Fuad Sayyid

The first part of this introductory volume outlines the subject-matter of the book, the author’s biography, his works, the methodology used in the production of the book Al-Mawāʿiẓ, the approximate date of its coming out, the problems that were raised over al-Maqrīzī’s plagiarism in the book as well as . . .



The Detailed Defter of The Liwāʾ of Noble Jerusalem: a critical and annotative study of the Ottoman text with Arabic translation

By Muhammad Adnan al-Bakhit and Noufan Raja al-Sawariyyah

The series of “The Detailed Defter of the Liwāʾ of Noble Jerusalem” , made up of six volumes, is the main and foremost cornerstone in documenting the most important period in the history of the city and its conditions during the Ottoman times. It does so by shedding light on . . .


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