23 January 2020
27 Jumada al-Ula 1441
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Objectives of Islamic law in Light of the Noble Prophetic Sunnah (The Methodology of Revealing and Applying the Islamic Law Objectives via the Prophet's Sunnah (2) - Research Articles

Edited by Ahmed Al-Raissouni
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This book is a compilation of the proceedings of the second training course titled “Objectives (Maqāṣid) of Islamic Law in the Light of the Noble Prophetic Sunnah: The Methodology of Revealing and Applying the Islamic Law Objectives Via the Prophet’s Sunnah”, which was held on 24 and 25 April 2019, in Tétouan, the Kingdom of Morocco. This book gives the esteemed reader access to valuable - refereed - academic papers authored by a number of scholars, who embrace the idea of renewal in the rational consideration applied to the domain of maqāṣid-based jurisprudence, with the aim to uncover the methodologies, properly set the rules, and prevent deficiency and deviation in understanding maqāṣid (in methodology, theory, and application); moreover, to consolidate the relationship tying the constituent elements and rules governing Islamic law objectives, on the one hand, to the variable conditions of the “ummah” or Muslim nation, in phases associated with fragility, renaissance, or exercising the role of witness over mankind, on the other. As such, the papers were distinguished by their novel contribution, depth of consideration, accurate perspective, fine thinking, and sound approach. Topics revolved around: “The methodological foundation of the Sunnah”; “The theory of grand features (al-ma‘ālim al-kubrā) in the extraction of objectives from the Sunnah”; “Current evidences contained within the Sunnah, and their influence in uncovering the ratio legis (‘illah) and objectives of rulings”. Moreover, the training course explored the effect of considering the intent (qaṣd) of the accountable individual (al-mukallaf) in the understanding of the Sunnah and its robust application; this was covered in the paper titled “Obligation and its limits within the Prophetic Sunnah”. Furthermore, the paper titled “Towards an objectives-based approach in reading the Prophetic biography” explored the area of Prophetic biography (sīrah). The papers also looked at the “Prophetic Maqāṣid in relation to the concept of “ummah” or the Muslim nation, in real-life application”, as well as “The objectives of political change in the Sunnah”. The last paper considered the topic of “The objective of mercy in the Sunnah and its applications”; “The mercy shown by the Messenger, peace be upon him, towards the people of the book as an example”.


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