22 January 2020
26 Jumada al-Ula 1441
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Al-Furqan Book Fairs

Since 1988 the Foundation has taken advantage of the opportunities provided by book fairs to communicate directly with the researchers, intellectuals and academics who share its aims and help it to realise its goals in the fields of preservation and publishing studies on Islamic manuscripts, as well as books on maqāsid, while fostering its relationships with other readers who have a more general interest in its manuscript editions and other publications.


Over the last 24 years, Al-Furqān has taken part in approximately 20 international fairs throughout the world, concentrating its efforts on fairs held in Arab-speaking countries, such as the Cairo International Book Fair, the Sharjah International Book Fair, the Algiers International Book Fair and the Casablanca Book Fair. At all these fairs, the Foundation has showcased its many publications, almost 180 publications in all, including catalogues of collections of Islamic manuscripts in leading libraries, manuscript studies, bibliographic and scientific publications and the proceedings of Al-Furqān’s academic conferences and symposiums.


In general, the fairs have stimulated a strong interest in the Foundation’s publications among individual researchers and academics, as well as representatives of cultural and scientific institutions. To maximise its presence at some fairs, strengthening the bonds between the organisation and those interested in its work, the Foundation has not simply restricted itself to displaying its publications, it has also organised series of public lectures and seminars on various aspects of Islamic heritage and civilisation.


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