18 January 2020
22 Jumada al-Ula 1441
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The Makkah and Madinah Centre’s Boards

The Council of Consultants members

• Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani: Chairman

• Professor Abdu-l-Wahab abu Sulaiman: Member

• Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoğlu: Member

• Professor Kazim al-Musawi al-Bojnourdi: Member

• Professor Nasir al-Din al-Asad: Member

• Professor Robert McHenry: Member

• Professor Tayyar Altikulaç: Member

Part of the Council of Consultants meeting in Eagle House, Wimbledon.

The Academic Board members

• Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani: Chairman

• Professor Abbas Saleh Tashkandy: Member

• Professor Abdu-l-Lateef bin Abdullah bin Duhaysh: Member

• Professor Abdu-l-Wahab abu Sulaiman: Member

• Dr Abdullah Saleh Ahmed Shawoosh: Member

• Dr Abdu-l-Rrahman Sulaiman al-Mazeni: Member

• Dr Adnan Mohammed al-Shareef: Member

• Professor Asim Hamdan Ali: Member

• Professor Ghazi bin Obaid Madani: Member

• Dr Mi’raj Nawab Mirza: Member

• Dr Mohammed Abdu-l-Karim bin Obaid: Member

• Dr Omar Hasan Falatah: Member

• Dr Yusuf Ahmed Hawalah: Member

The Secretary General of the Makkah and Madinah Centre is Dr Abbas Saleh Tashkandy

A group picture joining the members of The Academic Board

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