17 January 2020
21 Jumada al-Ula 1441
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About Us

Al-Furqān's Vision

To be a leading foundation in preserving and studying the Islamic written heritage.

Al-Furqān's Mission

To survey, preserve, study and publish the Islamic written heritage, as well as assist and promote the research in its fields.

Al-Furqān's Aims and Objectives

  • To initiate, promote and support research in the field of Islamic heritage
  • To assist in the preservation and restoration of the Islamic written heritage
  • To raise awareness of the richness of the Islamic heritage, its role and importance

Al-Furqān's Activities

To achieve its aims and objectives, the Foundation pursues the following activities:

  • Editing and publishing Islamic manuscripts of particular significance
  • Publishing studies, bibliographical and encyclopaedic works in the field of Islamic heritage
  • Organising training courses on various aspects of Islamic heritage
  • Holding academic seminars, conferences and lectures in order to stimulate discussions and action in the field of Islamic written heritage
  • Establishing a reference library with the main research tools necessary for the study of the Islamic heritage
  • Developing an online platform to enable the scholars, researchers and students of the Islamic civilisation and heritage all over the world easier access to the hidden treasures of the Islamic heritage

Al-Furqān's Motto

“Glorious Past, Brighter Future”

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